Lessons I learned sleeping on the floor

All of us know that sleeping on a mattress is a relatively new phenomenon. Maybe most of us cannot realize this because we have been doing it ever since we were born. But the single most question that most of us have never asked is why do human beings sleep on a mattress? Most of us will argue that they provide a comfortable surface for sleep, but is it the best for one to rest the tired body? Initially, I did not give enough thought about this, but as the time went by, I started being curious and tried to find out how our ancestors used to sleep.

Even though research findings show slight differences, most of them concur that early man used to sleep either on trees or the ground. Here’s what the experts propose as the benefits of sleeping on the floor. This aroused my curiosity, and I wanted to experiment how it feels sleeping on the floor.

Having done it for the last six months, the following are the lessons that I have learned and which make me think that you should consider sleeping on the floor.345655yrterwe

Health benefits of sleeping on the floor

It makes one feel more natural

Sleeping on the floor is something our ancestors have done since time immemorial. It is not a surprise that a large segment of the world’s population still spends their nights sleeping on the ground. But with the development of technology and the change of lifestyle, most people prefer sleeping on super soft mattresses. Even though sleeping on a mattress can feel good in the initial stages, it is more likely that it can lead to the development of chronic health problems later.

I am not saying that sleeping on a mattress is bad, but if you sleep on a mattress that is keeping and misaligned, your body will be misaligned, and this will cause real problems to your body.

It is better for our bodies

When one sleeps on a surface that is flat and firm, our bodies especially the body spine has the chance to realign back into its natural posture very easily. What a mattress dies is that it creates more space between our bodies and the floor. But when you sleep on the floor, one is most likely going to experience a wide experience of body awareness. Due to this, you will always have a full feel of your body while you are sleeping. By so doing one can develop a strong mind and body connection, a scenario that you cannot achieve when you are sleeping on a mattress.

Reduces body stiffness

43567utrterw4Most individuals have been accustomed to waking up with bodies that experience wild stiffness, not until they experience waking up without it. The major reason why one will experience this stiffness is that, when one sleeps on a mattress for long, the body will get into a hunched position when one is sleeping hence the mild stiffness. Experts argues that sleeping on the floor provides the firm type of surface you need to experience  better sleeping comfort and spine alignment. This causes muscles to tighten up hence one feeling stiff when they wake up in the morning.

It is an experience worth trying, but it is important to note that at first, you will feel uncomfortable because during the first period your body will have to adapt to the new sleeping surface.