Dental Implants

Oral Surgeons Services That You Need to Know

On average, most adults end up with 32 teeth. In general, the oral health of a human being entails more than people can think. If you consult a Beverly Hills Oral Surgeon, you will be surprised that there is a lot the experts can do you restore your oral health. That is why we will discuss such services here below.

Placement of dental implants

DentistMalfunctioning of the natural teeth affects more than our oral health. They might have ramifications that impact on our speech, diet, level of self-confidence and quality of life. Treating this abnormality requires restorative surgery from a trusted oral dental surgeon. Prosthesis might be placed which might be temporary or permanent. The exact procedure involved varies on a case by case basis among different patients.

Reconstructive surgery

Very few people require reconstructive surgery throughout their lives. The patients who qualify for reconstructive surgery are those who experience severe infections that result in bone loss and structural damage, serious accidents, and oral cancer-related illnesses.

No reconstructive surgery can be likened to the other; each varies with the individual. If you have undergone an open bite, experienced breathing or chewing problems, trouble when swallowing among others, go for corrective jaw surgery.

Corrective jaw strategy

As the jaws of a patient age, they might deviate from their regular growth path. Such defects might manifest from birth and develop as one age due to environmental or genetic circumstances. This procedure can help improve the following condition; an open bite, speaking difficulty, improper breathing, or a protruding jaw.

Osteogenic orthodontics

This treatment is quite extensive and helps patients get a healthy smile. The treatment can extend for up to 3 years and will require frequent maintenance. Anyone undergoing this procedure should anticipate countless future appointments with their dentist. Another way this can be done is surgically accelerated osteogenic orthodontics. The procedure involves enhancements around the tooth and the surrounding bone. To get stable results, bone augmentation is conducted too.

Facial trauma repair

TeethFacial trauma can get the best of a patient, affecting them emotionally and physically. The procedure requires total commitment and a hands-on approach to treatment. Facial trauma involves injuries to the upper jaw, mouth, eye sockets, face, cheekbones and lower jaw. Some of the recommended procedures conducted during reconstruction are fracture stabilization, tooth replanting, tooth extraction, soft tissue suturing, and much more.

Pathology screenings

The mouth of a healthy person should appear smooth and pink. Any lesions or alterations that might appear are a sign of pathological interference. In worst cases, it can be cancerous. Usually, a biopsy is done which involves the removal of any suspicious tissue area. After this, you can transfer the sample to a pathology laboratory for further microscopic evaluation. This helps in arriving at a suitable diagnosis.