Your health will be good after you put into consideration what you eat. You should always consider taking various food nutrients which are very efficient for the body functioning. Calcium is a very vital nutrient in your body. Insufficiency of calcium will make your bones weak because the body will extract it from your bones. However, calcium intake can be enhanced by eating foods that contain calcium such as dairy products, milk, juicing of green vegetables or you take calcium supplements. Taking of calcium has several advantages as listed below.

Prevention Of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a situation that makes children develop an abnormal skeletal structure which is caused by the deficiency of calcium. Intake of calcium will help you in the strengthening of teeth and bones. It is essential for children when they are developing their teeth and bones. By taking enough calcium and incorporating it with vitamins, it will help in increasing bone mass hence can reduce losing of bones when you are aging.

Prevention Of Premenstrual Syndrome

Lack of or low intake of calcium into your body impact negatively on levels of estrogen and progesterone that will trigger a condition called premenstrual syndrome. This is a condition that affects women that is why it is recommended women should take 1000 grams of calcium on a daily basis.

Prevents Heart Diseases

It is evident that if you take enough calcium in your daily diet, then you will be reducing the risk of being attacked by hypertension or cardiovascular diseases. Presence of calcium in the body will help in transmission of nerves and functioning of muscles. Muscles in the body are like the heart, blood vessels that undergo innervation of your nervous system. Similarly, lack of calcium can lead to high blood pressure and related heart problems.

May Prevent Cancer

Experts advise that sufficient intake of calcium may combat three types of cancer that is breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and colorectal cancer. However, the calcium should be taken moderately because too much of it may cause prostate cancer. However, it is still advisable to take calcium as a measure of avoiding cancer.

Enhancing Fetal Development

Development of the body entirely relies on the intake of calcium. On the other hand, the skeletal body structure is also based on your intake of calcium. Expectant women are therefore advised to take enough calcium that will help the fetus in developing and growing. Similarly, a baby who developed well before birth will keep health as it grows even after delivery