Dangers Of Taking Too Much Sugar

Sugar is delightful when taken by anybody. At that point of intake, it does not come to your mind that it can also be awful and harmful to your health. But looking into sugar in broader aspects sugar can be very dangerous despite it being sweet. Some of the dangers of sugar are:

Enhances Weight Gain

Foods that have a lot of sugar tend to contain a lot of calories. These kinds of foods will not play a significant role in satisfying or fulfilling your hunger. More intake of sugar will lead to weight gain when the sugar is not burnt or used by the body. One needs to engage in a lot of physical exercises so that he or she can burn down the calories that enhance weight gain. On order to lose weight, it is advisable to cut intake of sugar.

Causes Insulin Resistance

Insulin is a hormone that aids your body in converting food to energy. Eating a lot of insulin will make your body to be in need of insulin. Hormone sensitivity of your body will be reduced in cases whereby your insulin levels are high, and this will lead to building up of glucose in your blood. If you are experiencing insulin resistance then some symptoms like high blood pressure, fatigue and brain fog will be evident. In most cases, individuals will not know they have developed the resistance until they have developed diabetes.

Causes Tooth Cavities

Sugar is very bad when it comes to matters related to your teeth. Sugar causes decaying of teeth. The tooth decaying scenario occurs when bacteria that are in the teeth will feed on the sugars. After that, they create acids which are essential in destroying the enamel. Candies that are sour are very nefarious.

May Cause Heart Disease

Too much sugar intake mostly in women may lead to heart-related diseases. With too much intake of sugar, your calorie intake will be very high in the body. Similarly, these calories lead to weight gain in the entire body. It is this weight gain that can enhance heart-related diseases because the heart will be overworked. Also, too much cholesterol can lead to heart diseases.

Causes Cognitive Decline

Some of the factors that show cognitive decline are diabetes and obesity. Taking diets with high sugar might lead to dulling of emotions getting aroused and can contribute to impairment of your memory. It can also lead to reduction of hippocampus